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Birthday Party
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No matter what the occassion or what the age group might be we all love a party!! Our unique and stunning Delicious Burger Van provides the perfect extra special touch to make any celebration and special day one to remembered and never forgotten. 


Fabulous and unique options to help make your special day to be even more memorable.  Weddings often involve predictable boring "same old same old" options and can be food that leaves you and your guests feeling disappointed, underwhelmed and unsatisfied.  We will deliver award winning food and service that will impress your guests and bring people together to add more fun and enjoyment to the day. Delicious Burger Company are here on a mission for you to change that for ever!!

Outdoor Wedding
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Food Festival



With our amazing “Air-Stream” style Burger Van we won’t let your guests or customers go hungry. Take advantage of our gourmet quality Burgers, Hot Dog, Street food and many more menu items available. All our food is prepared and freshly cooked on the day of the event or festival. Our beautiful burger van comes fully equipped to the highest standards and has all relevant and required hygiene and safety certificates.


For that “WOW” factor at your children’s special birthday parties why not have our incredible burger van turn up and amaze all your Childs guests and parents. We offer a full adult menu as well as special tailored children menu when required. Just get in touch and tell us what you need and we will do the rest. As also being part of an experienced kids play centre business we have many other “add-on” services for children’s partied to compliment the food so please be sure to ask about all our extra services that are available… :-)

Kids Running
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Family Picnic
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One of the biggest challenges for outdoor event is getting high quality food prepared and supplied in a place often a long way from any services, equipment or power. There might not be a kitchen nearby, the weather can be disruptive, and there are other environmental obstacles too. The Delicious Burger Company amazing burger van will be ready and prepared to face all these challenges and we have plenty of experience dealing with them. It’s always best to have experts on hand to help your event go as smoothly as possible.


We can offer a unique and quirky alternative to your corporate events. At TDBC we realise that requirements can vary greatly from one business client to another, so we take a hands-on communicative approach with all of our corporate clients to ensure we meet your requirements but exceed your expectations! We help our clients make lasting and memorable impressions during their corporate events and ultimately help them to generate more leads and more business or team building depending on what type of event you are looking for. We can do it all!!




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